I'd Hit That -- With A Fork!: An Ewok Cake

April 29, 2010


This is an Ewok cake made using a teddy-bear shaped pan and a diabetic coma worth of icing. High-five, Wilford Brimley! (send those testing supplies right to my door)

This is the birthday cake my Wife made for me this year. We have a teddy bear cake pan that hasn't been used much so I suggested making it an ewok from Star Wars for me this year. She did all the work of baking the cake and decorating it, but it was MY idea. =) The store bought cupcake with the LEGO scout troopers was her idea. A candle sticking out of the top of the ewok's head wouldn't have looked right.

You know what would be cool? If the furry bastard had a jelly filling that spilled out like blood when you cut him. No? Okay well how about if a little topless Leia jumped out swinging her tatas around like a lightsaber? If you answered, "best birthday ever!", congratulations, you've obviously never been to one of my parties. Petting zoo, just sayin'!

AntVar's deviantART

Thanks to sham, who once baked a cake using the Death Star's laser in less than a second. That's some serious cooking power!

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