How To: Prepare Your Child For A Life Of Servide To The Man

April 15, 2010


With the $2,600 Little Tykes Young Explorer work station, that's how. It's basically a glorified cubicle, for kids. Because childhoods are overrated anyways.

Furniture features:

* Flat desk area
* Left and Right built-in mouse pads
* Bench seat that fits two children and offers storage inside for supplies
* Two locking cabinet doors
* Computer wiring stores safely inside ventilated cabinet.
* Locking castors keep unit from rolling during use.

Computer equipment features:

* Think Centre PC
* Internal DVD-ROM
* 1GB RAM (minimum)
* 160GB Hard Drive (minimum)
* 10/100 Ethernet
* Microsoft® Windows
* Sound Card and 2 External Speakers
* Surge protector
* 19" Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
* Custom Little Tikes Learning keyboard and Tiny Mouse (colors are subject to change without notice)

Computer Warranty: 1-year parts and labor.
Pre-loaded educational software:

* Millie's Math House®
* Sammy's Science House®
* Bailey's Book House®
* Trudy's Time and Place®
* Thinkin' Things®

Wait, why does that cost $2,600? And why did I just order 40 of them? Oh, right, my child-labor telemarketing service. Which, GOTDAMNIT CINDY STOP CHEWING ON YOUR DESK!

Baby's First Cubicle: The Most Depressing Toy Ever? [gizmodo]

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