How To: Cheat On A Test With A Coke Bottle

April 26, 2010


These are instructions on how to make a Coke bottle cheat sheet. Admittedly it's pretty ingenious, but I don't promote cheating. I never cheated in school. If I wasn't prepared for a test I would fail the shit out of it with flying colors plus draw a couple penises. Sure I bombed a couple college courses, but I did it all on my own, with my own brain. I knew cheaters. And you know where they are now? They sure as hell aren't level 80 bloggers! They're all turning tricks on skid row, willing to do anything for a buck. I'm talking footjobs in the backs of cars even. Stay in school, kids!


The Coke Bottle Cheat Sheet [gizmodo]

Thanks to PhilRules, who's a professor and once caught a student with a Jim Beam cheat sheet. Sounds like my evil twin.

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