Goodness, You're Making Me All Steamy!: Steampunk 'Victorian Organ Control Desk'

April 6, 2010


Bruce Rosenbaum has a problem. And it's not something you can take a pill for like burny urine, either. You see, Bruce and his wife Melanie can't stop steampunking everything in their house. God, you're worse than the people on 'Hoarders'!

Everything decked in for the Command Desk compilation is authentic Victorian antique. Then be it the inverted Chapel organ pipes mounted on the wall behind the setup, or the all-in-one workstation desk completed in 3 monitors, printer, scanner and webcam, of course the keyboard and other peripherals included. The Victorian Organ Command Desk besides the aforementioned, has a iPhone doc, horn speakers on either side, USB and card media readers, a scanner under the keyboard, a clock face flanked in 6 LCD digital picture frame displays and a pair of coach lamps with neon flicker bulbs for all that ambience required.

I've got to admit it's pretty awesome, even if it isn't my cup of tea. And speaking of my cup of tea: why's it smell like urine? I swear I can't turn around for one second without a coworker pissin' in my drank. THERE'S A BATHROOM RIGHT DOWN THE HALL, IDIOTS.

Hit the jump for several more pics, including some of the finger details like a steampunk USB drive and webcam.






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