Goodbye, Strangers: The Arm Sleeper Pillow

April 20, 2010


The Arm Sleeper Pillow is a grossly overpriced ($99) head receptacle that has a groove underneath so you can sleep on your arm without cutting off the circulation and having to get it amputated. Of course, this also means no more strangers when you wake up, so it's kind of a trade-off. Now if they just made something similar that prevented my legs from falling asleep when I'm blogging from the can I'd be money. You know how they say 70% of household accidents happen in the bathroom? WELL HOW'S IT AN ACCIDENT IF YOU MADE IT TO THE BATHROOM?! Shitting in the kitchen, now that's an accident.

Pillow Gives Arm Sleepers a Little Circulatory Relief [uberreview]

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