Dress-Up: Design Your Own Pokémon Trainer

April 14, 2010


Remember when you used to play dress-up as a kid? You'd raid your mom's closet for a skirt and high heels, then smear makeup all over your face and whore yourself out to all the stuffed animals in your bedroom. Good times -- no? Me neither then. That would have just been weird and creepy. Anyway, deviantARTist hapuriainen went and designed a Pokémon trainer dress-up program so you can experiment without actually cross dressing yourself. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Now, pass me a candle -- this fauxgina needs a waxin' son!

Hapuiainen's DeviantART

Thanks to Jackie and Kelly, who both designed really good looking Pokemon trainers but not nearly as good as mine because mine's so awesome her pants spontaneously combusted.

  • The Pokemon shoe are really like by all the kids. The cartoon character is very popular now a days and the favorite of kids. The post is very and nice and was nice advice.

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