For The Ladies: A Twilight Engagement Ring

April 27, 2010


Ladies rejoice, you can now own a replica of the piece of shit engagement ring Edward gives Stella in the Twilight series. Taste: Edward has none. Except for blood. See what I did there? Because he's a vampire!

Last week, breathless fans of "The Twilight Saga" were treated to a glimpse of Bella Swan's engagement ring in the final trailer for "Eclipse." Now they can own a replica of the diamond-encrusted oval ring co-designed by "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer and Infinite Jewelry Co. The ring matches the one described in the books, and is already available in three prices: "fashion" for $35, "fine" for $479, and "genuine," for a real diamond ring priced at $1979 -- and presumably intended to serve as a real engagement ring for "The Twilight Saga"'s most ardent fans.

Okay so I just realized I called that little brooder Stella and that's not her actual name. Oh well. Anyway, on to more important news: if your dream is be proposed to with a Bella engagement ring you're going to die a lonely cat lady. /reality

Product Site (I can almost hear all the clicks from the girls rushing to buy themselves the $35 version and wear it to bed every night)
Would You Accept a 'Twilight' Engagement Ring? [yahoomovies]

Thanks to JrS, who agrees the only good thing to come out of Twilight was Robert Pattinson. Wait -- let me start over LET ME START OVER!

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