Awh, He's Cutting His Teddy Bear's Head Off

April 20, 2010


If you want to raise a good chainsaw massacre-er you have to start 'em young. Same goes for bloggers. Which is exactly why I rest my balls on the keyboard. ccccccccxccxzzxxxxxzzzzzzz LEFTY -- WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT TYPING?!

The chainsaw and the severed arm plush are a creation of Steff Bomb, of which the Chainsaw plush is a limited edition 20 piece toy that sells for $30 while the severed arm sells for $25, and for collectors there is a combo offer that offers both the toys at $50.

You know, this reminds me of the first time I ever saw a magician cut a girl in half. It was after a show, I saw him throw the legs in a dumpster too.

Hit the jump for a close-up of the hand. Pfft, like you've never seen a severed hand before!


Steff Bomb
Now Slash 'n' Hack In The Safety Of The Chainsaw Plush Toy [walyou]

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