For Hansel And Gretel: The Rescue Balloon

April 9, 2010


The Rescue Balloon is an inflatable aid for adventurers who find themselves lost in the woods while searching for artifacts. Ha, Indiana Jones scoffs at you!

Designer Jaeseok Han wasn't fooling around when he created this compact kit -- intended for hikers who get lost or injured in the wilderness and need to signal aerial search teams. It comes complete with a small, lightweight helium gas cylinder and a long, inflatable red balloon that can peer out from the tree canopy and flag down appreciative rescue workers.

Alternatively, give up hope and start scratching your last will and testament into a tree trunk. That's what I would do. Or, oh I dunno, put a bear in a chock-hold until it points me to the nearest town! Then steal its honey. Now I know what you're thinking, "Ooooh, that's just wrong GW!" But if you think that's cold you should see my nipples. F***ing diamond cutters over here.

Lost? Rescue Balloon is literally a big arrow pointing right at you [dvice]

Thanks to Erin, who has never been lost a day in her life except for the time at the Disney World when she lost sight of her parents and was found by Goofy huddled under a park bench. Jesus, that sounds traumatic. Haha, why are you crying?

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