Finally!: Quality Sequined Pac-Man Pasties

April 7, 2010


Are you a stripper looking to add a little geeky flair to all that gyratin' and booty grindin' you do around the pole? Then you're in luck, thanks to Lady Tornade's custom Pac-Man pasties. And they're only 60 euros (~$80)! Wait, what? MAKE YOUR OWN OUT OF CONSTRUCTION PAPER! Which, did I ever tell you I thought I cut my left nipple off shaving my chest one time? Yeah, I passed out in the tub.

Hit the jump for the slightly NSFW uncensored shot (I mean, there are pasties), as well as close-ups (sans knockers) of the Pac-Man and 1-up nipple covers.




Lady Tornade Offers The Height Of Geek Sexy Chic [fleshbot] (SITE IS NSFW)

Thanks to Marie, who made her own geeky pasties out of Swarovski crystals and then stole them from herself thinking they were diamonds. WTF?!

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