Finally!: A Quality Radioactive Glow Keychain

April 3, 2010


These $10 radioactive tritium glowing keyrings have probably existed forever and I'm just now finding out about them because I'm a jerk and don't even deserve to be the Geekologie Writer.

  • Completely contained and self-powered
  • Glows continuously for 10 years (even in 10 years of complete darkness)
  • Super compact design
  • Ultra bright green glow
  • Perfect for tagging zippers (on tents, bags, etc), tying on keychains, flashlights, etc
  • Learn more about Tritium on

Awesome! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Take the keyrings off and pass them out as candy next Halloween! Yeah, no. And you're f***ing sicko for even considering it. No, I was thinking of smashing one open with a brick and consuming the contents. Superpowers yo, superpowers.

Product Site

Thanks to Greg, who ate four of them and has yet to lift a bus off an old lady. Keep swallowing, Greg, I'm thinking you're gonna need at least six

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