FAKE: Starcraft Breakup Girl Is Back At It

April 10, 2010


Note: Video of Princess Pissypants is after the jump.

Further proving the questionable reality of her initial video, Starcraft II Beta Breakup girl is back at it, this time smashing one of her ex-boyfriend's windows with a brick and tossing a running hose in the hole. WTF, PSYCHO?! Admittedly, the ol' running hose in a window is one of my favorite paybacks, but this girl didn't even wait for guy to go on vacation. YOU DID IT WRONG, STUPID! Now -- enough of the attention whoring, back to crying into a pillow and wishing you dated a vampire.

Hit it for the video.

Starcraft Breakup Girl Strikes Again [break]

Thanks to Juesh, who would have not only broken up with her, but also smashed her video camera. Smaaart.

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