Eye Candy: Badass Mushroom Kingdom Art

April 23, 2010


Because I'm on a deviantART (and mimosa) kick this morning, here comes a wicked-sick (I can say that because I'm cool) picture of the Mushroom Kingdom as envisioned by artist lastscionz. Pretty awesome, huh? I especially like how Yoshi reminds me of the Loch Ness monster because I've always had a crush on that bitch. And how bout that Bowser? Dude looks like Satan himself. If Satan weren't such a pitchfork-toting pussy. High-five, Jesus!

lastscionz's deviantART (with a higher-res shot for your viewing pleasure)

Thanks to P05TMAN and Chaemelion, who have both visited the Mushroom Kingdom before and agree it's a scary place. Especially if you've been eating the Toads.

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