Elastic Water: It's Not Just For Choking On

April 29, 2010


Apparently Japanese scientists have invented a new kind of magical material they've dubbed "elastic water". WTF is elastic water? Not suitable for drinking or spit-takes, that's for sure.

Japanese scientists from Tokyo University invented a new substance that consists of 95% water. Obtained by adding two grams of clay and a small quantity of some organic matter into normal water, this new substance is jelly-like and is considered proper for usage in medicine for the long-term to stick tissues together.

The study period is scheduled to end in September 2010, if the scientists can succeed in increase the density of the substance, it can be used to produce ecologically clean plastic materials.

Now I'm not saying this didn't happen, but I am saying the last time I mixed clay, organic material and water I didn't make any damn "elastic water". I made mud. Mud with a scab in it.

Japanese Scientists invented "elastic water", paving the way for ecologically clean plastic materials [akihabaranews]
Japanese Scientists Invent 'Elastic Water' [gizmodo]

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