Drugs Are Bad: Guy Vs Flip-Flop At Coachella

April 22, 2010


NOTE: No matter how hard you click the picture above it's never gonna make the video play, so hit the jump to see it.

In an attempt to give the drunkest/drugged-est beer-buyer a run for his money, here comes a video from the recent Coachella music festival of some guy having so much fun (read: drugs) he can't get his flip-flops to cooperate. Those things can be tricky! The video's worth a watch, but mostly I just posted this so I could link back to the naked wizard at last year's Coachella. Remember him? Yeah, the one with the world's smallest penis. God that video does wonders for my self-esteem.

Hit it for the video.


Thanks to Blaqk Panda and Jaja, who wear Velcro shoes so shit like this won't happen.

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