Dammit Darwin: Idiot Sits On Exploding Airbag

April 15, 2010


NOTE: Video is after the jump because it's just too explosive for the front page. Also, some dude yells "SHIT!" when the thing goes off so be sure to turn your speakers up loud enough for your boss to hear.

This is a video of some idiot sitting in a chair atop an airbag his friends (who obviously aren't really his friends) are about to remotely deploy. In this case, the airbag does little to protect Captain Crashtest. As a matter of fact, it does just the opposite. Now I know what you're wondering: "OMG, does he die?!" Unfortunately not. But thankfully, if he keeps this shit up his days are numbered. I'm talking double digits, tops.

Hit it for the relatively worthwhile video.

Man Rides Exploding Airbag Indoors, Internet Laughs [jalopnik]

Thanks to Peterman, who once sat on top of a seat belt fastener until his leg fell asleep. NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A VIDEO WORTH WATCHING!

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