Cute Samsung Viral: Famous Artworks In 3-D

April 14, 2010


Note: Worthwhile video is after the jump because we just finished playing hopscotch.

This is a viral Samsung ad for their new line of 3-D televisions voiced by a man who may or may not be Dave Attell. It explores what a bunch of artistic masterpieces actually look like in 3-D. But not really, it's all jocular. This is supposed to be Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man', which, when viewed in 3-D, turns out to be two men making the buttloves. Actually -- knowing Da Vinci, it's probably accurate. Just sayin', the man did invent anal beads.

Hit the jump for the video. It's worth a gander.

Samsung's Cool 3D TV Ad Reveals What's REALLY Going On In Classic Paintings [businessinsider]

Thanks William and the other person whose email I couldn't find again, I'm a jerk and I know it. Except to you, William. I almost treat you too good.

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