Custom Super Paper Mario Nike Dunks

April 9, 2010


Remember back in the day when I would post all kinds of custom painted shoes and you were all, "dammit, GW, enough with the stupid painted shoes!", and I'd be like, "I can't help it, I've been drinking!". Well I'm back off the metaphorical wagon, baby! And, from the look of things, I'm in a ditch. Don't roll me over -- I might puke.

These awesomely cool Nike Vintage Dunks are available in an amazing combination of red, blue and white and with the greatest video game character in history, Mario

Available for a price of £89.99 (~$140) these superb looking vintage dunks are designed to bring out the video game lover in you holding true to your personality and at the same time making you feel proud of whom you are.

The shoes are actually custom painted by HappyCash Fashion and are currently sold out. I assume because they only painted one pair. And speaking of painting pairs: one time I airbrushed a bushel red to look like apples. Oh man, the laughs I had at the farmer's market!

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Cool Nike Super Mario Bros Dunks [walyou]

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