Curses!: Photoshop's New Content Aware Filter Is Good, Unfortunately Not That Good

April 16, 2010


For those of you who haven't heard because you live under rocks or in the middle of haystacks, Adobe dropped a new version of Photoshop earlier this week. And one of the big features it's hocking is a new "content-aware" filter that lets you select and delete objects out of a picture, and the program will use the information surrounding the object to effectively fill in the missing data (video demo after the jump). Unfortunately, it didn't work to remove Olivia Munn's top. Well, technically it DID, but only if you're into boobs that look like fleshy pancake batter. Which I'm not (funnel cake titties FTW).

Hit the jump for an Adobe employee demonstrating the content aware filter on the world's most boring picture.

Adobe's New Content Aware Fill Isn't Good Enough [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Pat, Stranger and b00geyman, who are all poppyseed muffin batter breast kind of guys. Now that's just sick.

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