Ear Candy: Master Chief Sings The Hits

April 27, 2010


Master Chief, best known as the protagonist from 'Quake III Arena', is also an accomplished singer. And now he's got the CD set to prove it. Featuring such instant classics as 'One More Snipe', 'K-k-killing Spree' and 'I Can't Camp', the chief has something for everyone. Especially Phil Collins Fans. Now listen: I know the Chief isn't really from the Quake franchise, I'm just hoping somebody read that and rushed to the comments to call me a dickbag before reading down here. Boy won't they feel stupid! No? I'm still a dickbag? Oh.

Hit it for the video, but you better be ready to get your love-makin' on.


Thanks to Michael, svenster and Don Juan, who tried producing a Christmas album but couldn't stop arguing over who got to push 'record' on the tape player.

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