But My Dog Is Little: St. Bernard Cask Collars

April 13, 2010


As legend has it, Saint Bernards used to carry little casks of booze while performing rescue missions in the Alps. The idea was that, when they finally came across an individual in distress, the person could booze it up, providing them with the energy and false sense of warmth they needed to drunkenly stumble off a cliff to their death.

Today, the legend lives on and the St. Bernard barrel is just as popular as ever! These durable collars feature an authentic oak aging barrel with the band style of your choice. The barrel is functioning and complete with a spigot but we suggest you leave it empty, for the dog's sake.

The collars come in 1/2 and 1 liter capacities and will set you back $50 and $57, respectively. I just bought one for my dog, but she only weighs 20 pounds so I'm reluctant to actually put it on her. Which is exactly why I strapped it on the neighbor's cat. He loves it, I can tell. Now I'm gonna throw myself down the stairs and see if he comes!


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St. Bernard Dog Collar Barrel [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Hayley, who once taped a box of Franzia to a horse. Now you're talking my language!

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