Bac-AT: Stomping Rebels With Deliciousness

April 12, 2010


Well folks, the guys over at This Is Freaking Ridiculous have done it again. As you longer-term readers may recall, last year they created the BA-K-47 to celebrate Bacon Day (uh, isn't that every day?), and this year, a Bacon AT-AT. STOMP ME IN THE MOUTH!

I needed a follow up to last year's BA-K-47 for our 2nd annual Bacon Day. The Bacon AT-AT was actually what I wanted to build before, but didn't have enough time, so it seemed like the natural choice. The Bacon AT-AT stands 3 ft tall and is made with over 40 lbs of bacon. The body was made from foam, then the bacon was attached. This beast took 21 non-stop hours to build. If you've ever once thought to cook 40 lbs of bacon in your kitchen in one sitting, I can now personally advise against it.

WOW -- 40 lbs of bacon?! That's *sniff* just so beautiful. And as a man who hasn't had anything for breakfast except the beer he fell asleep with, I've got to admit: I can't believe I didn't spill. Wait, yes I can. Sippy cup, baby.

Hit the jump for four more reasons to at least consider the Dark Side.





Bacon AT-AT [tifr]

Thanks to Nick, the man behind the bacon, for singlehandedly recruiting over 100,000 new Stormtroopers with the Bac-AT alone. Shit, I'd join for a piece of that.

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