(Awesome) New Music Genre: Kid's Dino Metal

April 4, 2010


Dinosaur metal: arguably the best thing to come out of music since the skin flute. Toot toot tootle toot!

Hevisaurus was a band made up of members from legendary band Dio and Sonata Arctica. Their goal was to recrod heavy metal for children. After an intense brainstorming session, someone thought of buying a bunch of dinosaur suits and the idea stuck. The music itself is in Finnish, but the lyrics usually deal with popular children's stories and, you know, dinosaurs. Because that's the heart of metal.

There's a worthwhile video of a Hevisaurus concert after the jump, and I've gotta admit: I rocked out with my dino-loving peener lighter out. Damn yeah I set the couch on fire! And as soon as I finish this I'm calling the fire department.

Hit it for the concert video.

Children's Dinosaur Metal - Best Genre Ever? [woldoddities]

Thanks to Molly, who's getting the dino band back together. Count me in!

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