Awesome Mega Man Gameplay Mosaic

April 8, 2010


This is super impressive mosaic made by neogaf forum member jarosh entirely out of Mega Man screenshots. Around 1,500 of them, encompassing the first six games in the Mega Man franchise. Dammit, Dr. Wily, why won't you die?! Insufferable taint.

they're not completely random, however, they're taken from playthroughs of mega man 1 - 6 (one screenshot taken every x seconds). every stage is in there, from every classic nes mega man game.

i also made a little gallery with all the boxes and cartridges of all the games from every region (at the very bottom).

and there's what you could call a little easter egg in there (for my own convenience really :P ): two rows of screenshots at the bottom (surrounded by a black outline) that show all the weaknesses of robot masters, wily castle bosses and wily machines. all of those screenshots were edited by hand (and it took f***ing FOREVER). you'll see it in the detail shots.

the whole thing was printed on canvas and mounted on a wooden frame. full size: 120 x 109 cm (that's about 4 ft tall).

Good job, jarosh. Or should I say, DR. LIGHT?! Dum dum dum! No? Cool I was just checking.

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups, but it's worth checking out jarosh's original post on neogaf for higher-res versions.




hey gaf, i thought i'd share this little mega man art project i just finished [neogaf forums]
Mega Mosaic [bobshouseofvideogames]

Thanks to SarahV, who I'm putting in charge of making Zelda ones and giving me half the proceeds from sales. Oh come on, I came up with the idea!

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