3-D Needs More 3-D: Sexy Avatar Cosplay

April 30, 2010


I never made it to see Avatar because I was banned from the local theater for trying to sneak one of those beer helmets into the new G.I. Joe, but blah blah blah, boner boner boner. Oh yeah GW, you've still got it.

Hit the jump for the uncensored version in case the other F word post wasn't enough to get you off today.


Morning links with the dog who hates birthdays [filmdrunk]

Thanks to lil co., who has breasts that could make any Na'vi cry. Baby Jesus too.

  • gamerscul9870

    where does she live, btw i had to make another account cuz my last one never worked when i kept trying password recovery, but never worked like it didnt exist so i gave up and did this, i had to!

  • gamerscul9870

    so her names winter *whatever the last name was*? do you know her?

  • gamerscul9870

    Who is that girl, lol hot! - gamerscul9870 from kongregate

  • Chris J Vaughan

     winter pier-something

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