You're Eating His Brain!: Shiny R2-D2 Cake

March 2, 2010


In this world there are cakes, and then there are cakes. This is one of the latter. Mostly because it's all glittery. You see, I love glittery things -- in my mouth! Haha, not you, Edward -- nice try though. F***ing skeeze.

Nothing says happy birthday like a good old fashion droid head on a platter ;)

Collaborative effort with my other friend for ~Jasmeralda's birthday. I'm glad she talked me into the fondant, I was a little hesitant at first, but it came out nice and without too terribly much fuss.

Metallic shine is edible glitter, silver 'eye' pieces I sculpted out of marzipan and my friend covered with the glitter. Big box/lens is painted box (painted by her roommate) with plastic painted package piece to make the lens. Light is chopped off ring from party supply store. I added blue food coloring to the yellow part of the cake so his inside was themed, too ;)

Fondantastic! You know, I've been preaching the benefits of a metallic diet for years now but everyone just looks at me like I'm crazy and asks if I'm really eating fishing weights. You're gotdamn right I am! Brain food.

GoblinQueeen's DeviantART

Thanks to sham, who wouldn't hesitate to eat some C-3PO brain because dude suuuuucks.

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