You're Doing It Wrong!: Speeding 18-Wheeler Pushing Car Down The Highway Sideways

March 18, 2010

This is a video of a speeding tractor trailer in Yorkshire, England pushing a car down the highway oblivious THAT IT HAS AN AUTOMOBILE STUCK UNDER ITS BUMPER. Just watching it I shit my pants for the car's driver.

The owners of the lorry, Cheshire-based Arclid Transport, and West Yorkshire Police are investigating the incident. A spokesman from the company said: "There was an incident between a car and one of our vehicles in January.

He added that he believed the female driver of the Clio had not been injured in the incident.

The company said the lorry driver was sent home on Wednesday, when the video emerged on the internet.

He added that the accident happened on 13 January and police had investigated, but to date no action had been taken against the lorry driver.

Wow. That looks pretty scary. And by scary I mean I love how the woman in the car is riding her brakes, LIKE THAT'S GONNA DO ANYTHING. Women drivers, amirite? (Spoken like a guy who hit a parked car two days ago)


Thanks to Bongo, who once pushed an 18-wheeler down the road without noticing because he drives a monster truck.

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