YOU GOT NO CLASS!: Chrome Hummer H2

March 8, 2010


Put your hand down your pants. Now feel around. Realistically, how many of your penises would it take to fill a hotdog bun? Four or more you may need a chrome Hummer H2. And thankfully, Germany-based CFC (way to screw the ozone, jerks) has got you covered. In adhesive chrome film. Which, hey -- aluminum foil's cheaper.

The Weilheim-based CarFilmComponents (CFC) is offering a tuned-out version of the Hummer H2, done over in a not-so-subtle "burning chrome" lamination. Yes, the car is actually coated with an adhesive film.

The bonnet is covered in a black carbon film while the side and rear windows are draped with CutLine ThermoTec, one of the many registered trademark materials from CFC, that make them look an awful lot like conventional tinted windows.

Yeah, no. Don't get me wrong, I like car mods as much as the next import-lover, but I'm more of a rocket launchers and sawblade hubcaps kind of guy. Isn't that right, James? High double-oh-seven minus double-oh-two me!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots, including the interior. Hey, at least there's a mini-fridge.







Hummer H2 Gets Chrome Wrap - Art or Abomination? [woldcarfans]

Thanks to Santa Claws, who will climb down your chimney and gouge your f***ing eyes right out of your head. Sweet dreams, kids!

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