You Did It Wrong: Binary License Plate Fail

March 4, 2010


Maryland driver and Twitter user Tamast ordered a custom license plate on the DMV website, which was to read '42' (the meaning of life) in binary code. Only problem is, the I's print differently than they look on screen. Per the road rager himself:

well, these plates don't look like the preview! having "42″ in binary is cool. having "IOIOIO" is not.

Oh, come on TaTas, I still think it's pretty cool. Granted not as cool as this new card trick I just mastered, but is THIS your card?! No? F***. Okay who wants to see me cut the IWatchStuff guy in half?

Tamast's Twitter
Binary Vanity Plate Fail [albotas]

Thanks to GuamOtoko, who got '1 BAMF' on his plate and rightfully so.

  • Joe

    Ha! This is nearly the same license plate I have in Michigan! I have a leading "0" on mine because I liked the symmetrical look of it, but same idea; Michigan allows the use of the letter I and the digit 1, but forbids the use of only digits. I ended up using all I's on purpose because slipping one "1" into the thing (or one "I") looked weird. As an explanation I put a bumper sticker on the car that says "There are only 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't." And to complete the joke, the sticker has the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie logo on it as well.

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