YES PLEASE!: Dinosaur Easter Eggs

March 29, 2010


Well folks, with Easter right around the corner what better way to celebrate than candy-filled dinosaur eggs? I can't think of any. Unless puking on the Easter Bunny at the mall counts which, let's be honest, I did last year.


  • 16 eggs
  • eggs in dinosaur heads
  • 16 candy filled eggs to hide, find and pair up
  • candy from 2009

Mmmm, "candy from 2009". I love me some vintage candy. So what do you say -- ready to hunt for some eggs? Okay good. Ready...set...GO!
Couldn't find any could you? That's because I hid them all inside me. I'm talking about my butt yo! I win (somebody take me to the doctor).

eBay Auction

Thanks to Tiffany, who didn't realize the egg isn't actually edible until her third one.

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