Writing With Equations: Inverse Graphing Calc

March 7, 2010


The Inverse Graphing Calculator takes typed words and converts them to the equivalent equations it would take to create them graphically. Hey, that's cool. Like a sorceress's areolas.

The Inverse Graphing Calculator (version beta-1) is like a backwards graphing calculator. Normally, you enter an equation into your calculator and then get a graph of the curve. The way the IGC works is, you type something you'd like as your curve, like 'Hello World' or 'I love you'. The IGC produces an *equation* which has this phrase as its graph!

I didn't bother graphing any part of the equation on my TI-83 (because I haven't used it since high school to play drug dealer), but I trust that it's not just a scam. Of course, there is the distinct possibility that it actually IS a scam and the creator is just waiting for the day somebody wants to see an equation of their bank account info. And on that day, oh boy, on that day.

Inverse Graphing Calculator [xamuel]

Thanks to Mih0, who only speaks math and works on rockets and stuff. I respect that.

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