Wrist Watches: Now With More Dino Bones

March 12, 2010


This is the expensive-as-hell Louis Moinet Jurassic Tourbillon Watch. It's face is made out of 130-million year old dino bones (which would technically make it the Louis Moinet Cretaceous Tourbillon Watch, but rich people are idiots). "It's also got other nice features, like an 18K white gold case with 56 diamonds on the bezel". You know, as tacky as it is, I still want one. Provided I can cinch the band to the circumference of a telephone pole MONSTER TRUCK TIRE.

This watch has dinosaur bones inside for some reason [dvice]

Thanks to Quintin, Jimmy Jazz, Gavin and Dan, who, I have a birthday coming up in August, I'm just sayin'.

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