Where Were The Aliens?: CG Flyby Of Mars

March 17, 2010

This is being billed as the most accurate flyby of Mars. Which, Jesus, you know things are shitty when the most accurate flyby of Mars is entirely CG.

The flyby uses 3D data gathered from HiRISE, the 0.5-meter reflecting telescope on board NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The 3D data set was calculated by comparing HiRISE's ultra-crispy images taken from two different points of view. The photos were matched using picture recognition software and converted in a 3D surface map using the position of the orbiter. The result is the most accurate terrain information on the surface of Mars yet. The best thing: All this data is being published by NASA for everyone to use.

Impressive, but it didn't really look any more accurate than the flyby I made this morning with my crumpled bedsheets. And that one had a giant sleeping dog in the middle of it. Plus, oh I don't know, THE EPIC-EST LEGO BATTLE YOU EVER SEEN!

The Most Accurate Flyby of Mars to Date [gizmodo]

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