What Kind Of Damage Would An Underwear Bomb Actually Do To A Flying 747 Jetliner?

March 9, 2010

Remember the jackass that tried exploding his little terrorist genitals onboard Northwest Flight 253 over Christmas? Well the BBC set out to investigate exactly what kind of damage a crotchful of PETN could actually do to a flying jetliner.

The BBC did a test on an old decomissioned 747, putting a dummy with the same type and amount of explosives found on the underwear bomber. As you can see in the above video, the flexibility of the outside of the frame allowed it to absorb the blast. If the bomb had gone off, the plane would have still been able to fly and land.

Of course, the damage inside the plane still would have been horrific. But it's nice to know that the trusty 747 can stand up to such abuse.

Oh man, had I been on that plane I would have put the hurt on that guy. I'm talking "make you wish pterodactyls had never invented flight in the first place" kind of hurt. I'm talking Prehistoric Hurt Locker. Oscar-winning tie-in FTW! Goldguy me, bitches.

Boeing 747 Survives a Simulated Underwear Bomb Blast [gizmodo] (with more info on why the test was legit despite the cabin not being pressurized)

Thanks to Suzanne and Archibold, for having two normal names for once. Except Archibold.

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