Wait, What?: Steve Jobs Cheese Heads

March 17, 2010


What better way to kickoff an iPad release party than with a smorgasbord featuring several iterations of Steve Jobs' head shaped out of mozzarella cheese? You think about it while I puke for a little.

My old pal Ken over at The Cook's Den, has dreamed up a frighteningly delicious idea he plans on serving at his epic iPad launch party.

Ken's cannibalistic treat with authentic pepper beard, is featured as an iPad Thai, Apple Cheese Plate and my favorite, Spicy Steve Nachos. Steve Jobs' melting head in the pot is absolutely disgusting, yet I still can't look away. Ken offers DIY directions for all of these dishes on The Cook's Den, including carving up the head of Apple's CEO.

First of all, is there even such a thing as an "epic" iPad launch party? Because no matter how hard I close my eyes, I just can't can't see it. Only swirls of color. Which, if this gonna be that kinda party I'm gonna stick my peen in the cheese dip!

Hit the jump for the other two dishes, including Jobs' melted-ass face.




Your Steve Jobs Cheese Head Dinner Is Served [iphonesavior]

Thanks to Michael, who once sculpted Bill Gates' head out of butter and then rolled in it and went tanning.

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