Videos Of Discovery's Special On Dino Sex

March 9, 2010

The question has long intrigued the smartest and most handsome of scientists (me, I'm talking about me): how did dinosaurs do it? If you answered "awkwardly", you're close, but the correct answer is awesomely. Plus accidentally in the butt sometimes! Anyway, you may recall the Discovery Channel running a special called Tyrannosaurus Sex on Valentine's Day last month. And, if you're like me, you recorded that shit and have watched it so many times you had to replace the hard disk in your DVR. If you're not like me, you went out with your significant other and undoubtedly had a far less romantic evening. Whatever the case, here are two videos from the show, the first of which explores the difficulties of Titanosaurs mating, and the second is all about dino genitalia. Which, SPOILER ALERT: like a raging telephone pole.

Hit it for the other video.

Discovery Channel's Tyrannosaurus Sex

Thanks to Juste, mchl, AtotheB, Dylan, IamGold, Michael, Garrot and anybody else who sent this but didn't include "dino" or "sex" in the text.

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