Underwater Seascrapers Of The Future

March 11, 2010


Seascaper, get it? Like a skyscraper, BUT IN THE OCEAN! What do you mean, "of course I got it?" I happen to know for a fact that there are several of you out there that don't ever get anything but confused looks. FACE!

hO2+ scraper is a design concept entered into the eVoIo Skyscraper Competition, and we're thinking it must have had a good chance of winning. We especially like those balancing tentacles that keep it from flipping over as they generate power.

Oh man, you remember that movie Waterworld? You remember how at the beginning Kevin Costner was drinking his own urine? Well I've done that. And lemme tell you what: shit'll put gills on your chest.

Hit the jump for a couple more conceptual renderings of what the future will look like until the Smokers blow it all up and steal our womens.






Gorgeous waterscrapers: habitat for the coming Waterworld [dvice]

Thanks Lucy, now stop being so mean to Charlie Brown. You know he's slow.

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