Topeka, Kansas Renamed Google, Kansas In Bid For Google's Fiber Optic Test Market

March 3, 2010


Topeka, Kansas, best known for renaming itself Google this week in a bid to be Google's fiber optic network test market, renamed itself Google this week in a bid to be Google's fiber optic test market.

In a formal proclamation Monday, [Mayor Bill] Bunten announced his city will be known as "Google" -- Google, Kansas.

"It's just fun. We're having a good time of it," he said of the unofficial name change, which will last through the end of March. "There's a lot of good things that are going on in our city."

The unusual move comes as several U.S. cities elbow for a spot in Google's new "Fiber for Communities" program. The Web giant is going to install new Internet connections in unannounced locations, giving those communities Internet speeds 100 times faster than those elsewhere, with data transfer rates faster than 1 gigabit per second.

Way to put yourself on the map, Topeka. Which, fun fact: did you know Topeka means "to dig good potatoes" in the language of the Kansa and Ioway Native American tribes? Now guess where Kansas and Iowa got their names. I'm learning you all kinda shit today!

Topeka 'renames' itself 'Google, Kansas' [cnn]

Thanks to Greg, Shea, Fally and Wesley J, who should just cut the crap and rename themselves Awesome.

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