The pCubee: An Interactive 3-D Box Display

March 31, 2010


NOTE: Video is after the jump.

The pCubee isn't just poorly named, it's a "perspective-corrected handheld cubic display". Well look at you and your fancy terminology! I'm a devilishly dapper purveyor of fine interwebs. WELL I AM!

The pCubee is a cube that fits right in your hand and features five flat-panel LCD screens. The screens all work together, displaying the same image but from different angles; when you turn the cube, the displays appear to show you items "inside" the cube that you're interacting with. The perspective and real-time physics appear to be spot-on in the demonstration video.

Neat, I can't wait to see the practical applications. Like, uh, well like porno for example. Plus other things. No, just porn really.

Hit it for the video.

Next-Gen Rubik's Cube? Awesome 5-Screen 3D Display [gajitz]

Thanks to Paul, who made a 3-D sphere but a big company in cube industry bought the patent and buried the idea.

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