That's What You Get!: 16-Year-Old Develops Carpal Tunnel From Constant Text Messaging

March 23, 2010


This is 16-year-old Annie Levitz. Annie has developed carpal tunnel from texting. And not even that much texting -- girl only sent about 4,000 messages a month. Pfft, I DO THAT IN A DAY. Aaaaand I can't feel my fingers.

"I definitely regret it," she said about her heavy texting. "It's painful, first of all. It's embarrassing wearing the braces, and having people know - it's not the greatest."

Her friends and classmates also couldn't believe that texting could lead to such a serious medical condition, she said. Some students in her science class called her "carpal tunnel girl," she said, but added, "it was all in good fun."

I hate to break it to you, Annie, but that was, in fact, not "all in good fun". They were joking you. HARD. Still, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Feel that? It's a 'KICK ME' sign.

Teen Gets Carpal Tunnel from Texting [abcnews]
Teenage Girl Gives Herself Carpal Tunnel From Sending 4,000 Texts a Month [gizmodo]

Thanks to Christimus Prime, who turns into a monster truck instead of an 18-wheeler.

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