Taco Holders: A Spilled Taco Is A Sad Taco

March 2, 2010


I'm sure taco holders have existed since Mexican cave people, but I'm posting them anyways because I've been on a pretty serious binge lately to the point where I've been dreaming about Mexican corn (elote). And if you think for one second I wouldn't knife you for a cob, you've got another thing coming. Hint: it's gonna be a stab wound!

Tacos may be the most delicious food in the universe, but they're so unreliable! Their crunchy u-shaped shells just won't stand on end, no matter how you stack them. Until now, gourmands have simply had to accept the fact that all tacos will fall, spilling their spicy goodness all over the plate. Fortunately, a solution has arrived! The ingenious Taco Holder set safely and securely holds tacos upright, preserving the look and feel of the perfect taco, and preventing unnecessary taco spills. Each Taco Holder consists of a sturdy strip of plastic molded into a wave-like shape that rests securely on any flat surface. Just place a pair of empty shells into the Taco Holder's grooved shell slots, fill the shells with any combination of ingredients, and then enjoy your tacos at leisure as they remain upright and intact on your plate. Each piece from this lot of 9 brightly-colored taco holders will hold 2 tacos each. Make sure your family never suffers from spilled taco syndrome again by adding these clever Taco Holders to your kitchen arsenal today!

Mmmm, count me in. Of course, I still hold up my tacos the old fashioned way: with a ski mask and revolver. GIMME ALL YOUR CHEESE-Y GOODNESS!

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Thanks to John, who's never met a taco he didn't like and should be dubbed an honorary Juan.

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