Stereotyping: A Field Guide To Fanboys

March 26, 2010


This is a field guide to fanboys as compiled by PC World. Of course, you probably can't read it because it's so small and you can't afford nano-vision surgery so CLICK HERE to see the thing in all its boxy glory. And, as much as I hate to stereotype, this thing is spot-on.

Our Guide concerns itself mainly with members of the techie genus of the fanboy family--the hardcore fans of Apple, PC, Linux, Blackberry, Android, Xbox, PS3, and Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

For each one we give you 14 key attributes, such as what sort of clothing they wear, what they drink, what they drive, what turns them on, and what enrages them. We give you just enough to differentiate between species quickly and accurately.

Interesting, but what Geekologie fanboys -- what defines you guys? Is it your devilish good looks, or your way with women? Neither? Pimples and a huge right forearm? Gotdamnit.

Fanboys: A Field Guide [pcworld]

Thanks to Johannes, who can't be pigeonholed into any stereotype, but can be stuffed inside a barrel and pushed over a waterfall.

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