Another Day, Another Parody: 'Galactic Empire State Of Mind' Music Video

March 30, 2010


Remember 'New Dork - Entrepreneur State of Mind', the parody of Jay Z's 'Empire State of Mind'? You all said you hated it. Well here's another rip of the song by College Humor, this time with a Star Wars twist. Maybe you'll actually like this one. Or maybe, just maybe, you've resigned yourself to hating everything and living a grumpy, fruitless existence. Don't worry -- I'm right here with you, jerk. God I just wanna punch you so bad.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile song and video.

Galactic Empire State of Mind [collegehumor]

Thanks to DERP, carlos, Stormtroopah, mike469x, Momcilo and Isaac, who all have Enterprise State of Minds because they're die-hard Trekkies.

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