Snowman SnowMario: Geekologie Reader Makes Snowman Of Mario In Penguin Suit

March 4, 2010


With all the snow that's been falling recently, it's always fun to get out there and do something with it. Me? I write my name in it. WITH THE BLOOD OF MY FALLEN ENEMIES! Kidding, with bottled urine. But Geekologie Reader Magefire took the opportunity to create a penguin-suited Mario from the New Super Mario Bros Wii. Good lookin', Magefire, I'd say he's one tophat short of coming alive and shooting snowballs. Just don't go dressing like a goomba *cough* Jersey Shore *cough*. Go-go-gadget propeller helmet!

Hit the jump for one more shot.


The Art of Snow [theartofart]

Thanks to magefire, the magical burninator.

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