Seen From Space: Google Maps Roof Painting

March 2, 2010


This is a painting on a roof as seen in Google Maps. It looks like melted chocolate except it's really just paint. But I would lick it anyways just to make sure. It was the brainchild of artist Molly Dilworth, who wants to paint shit on the tops of all kinds of buildings so Google Maps looks more like vomit. What ever happened to good old fashioned shlizongs?

Each of Dilworth's paintings begin with a grid that will be filled in paint-by-numbers style. The composition of each painting is determined by the roof area, and the colors used by the amount and type of discarded paint on hand at the time. Given the nature of her process, the results are certainly unique, with some pieces offering a pixelated image that snaps into focus from a distance, and others forming assorted slurs of color.

WHOA WHOA WHOA MOLLY -- now wait just a minute! Slurs of color? I was all systems go until the whole racist angle. Not cool, lady, not cool. And you seemed like such a sweet girl in 16 Candles!

Stunning Rooftop Paintings Visible from Satellites [inhabitat]

Thanks to Fally, who suggests we all paint our roofs with alien-friendly slogans so they don't nuke us all from outerspace.

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