Secret McDonald's Menu Items: The Mc10:35

March 5, 2010


The Mc10:35 isn't actually a secret McDonald's menu item because you have to buy two separate sandwiches and put them together yourself. However, it is rare and dangerously delicious looking.

I heard about this from a cashier at one of the local McDonald's. He said it's getting kind of a cult following in San Francisco.

1. Go to McD's right when they are transitioning from breakfast to lunch.

2. Order one of the remaining Egg McMuffins from the breakfast menu and also order a McDouble since the lunch menu is now open.

3. Take the egg and Canadian bacon from the Egg McMuffin and put it on the McDouble.

The guy at the register said people call it a Mc10:35 because that's pretty much the only time you can pull this off.

They're damn good when hungover!

You know what else is damn good when hungover? A bacon and aspirin omelet. Also, puking helps sometimes but not at church and NOT IN THE COLLECTIONS BASKET. Confession that week was a little awkward.

Check Out The Secret McMenu Item That's Sweeping SF, The Mc10:35 [consumerist]

Thanks to Chris Illuminati and Ed, one of which rules the world, the other's cool with just a really short name.

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