Riiiiight: The Mac Power Supply Foot Warmer

March 8, 2010


The Sockintosh was knitted by needle wielding Rachel Burns (appropriate name) and is a unisock for your feet that has a pouch to put your Mac power supply in to keep your tootsies warm. Me? I use a dog.

"I knitted this Apple Mac foot cosy after realising I constantly used my power adapter to keep my feet warm. It has a slot to put your adapter in," Rachael writes on her YouTube page. She also warns: "This was knitted as a joke! Your power adapter should be kept very well ventilated for safety reasons. Dont set fire to yourself please."

Oh really, Rachel? If it was knitted as a joke THEN WHY AM I ON FIRE?! Riddle me that, will you? Also, what were the rules again for being on fire? Stop, gumdrop & troll? Stop, sweatshop & hellhole? Shit, I'm getting pretty burnt up. K, how about one of you just hose me?

Video of the burninator in action after the jump. SPOILER ALERT: Stop drop and crotchshot included. I'm serious.

With 'Sockintosh,' your Mac's power brick is now a foot warmer [dvice]

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