Reasons To Celebrate: Happy Pi Day

March 14, 2010


Well folks, for those of you that don't keep track of things, it's March (and you probably can't find your car keys). Like mid-March. I know, I thought it was still January too. But it isn't. It's March 14th, which -- 3.14 -- Pi Day! And in five years it'll be 3.14.15. What a special one that'll be! And for everybody out there that's all, "it's actually 14.3.10 today", you know what -- YOU CAN'T RAIN ON THIS PI PARADE, YOU HEAR ME?! You couldn't even hail on a cake walk!

Pi Day's Wikipedia

Thanks to they're real and they're spectacular, Leslie, and whoever else reminded me that today was Pi Day and not just the day I try driving 800 miles without dying.

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