Powering On!: NYC's New Condom Wrapper

March 10, 2010


New York City ran a contest to design a new logo for the free condoms it distributes every year, and apparently some guy won by just using the 'power' symbol and not actually designing anything himself. Nice, you no talent hack.

The city's health department distributes 40 million free condoms every year. But the official design was less than stimulating. Enter the Web. An online contest for a special limited edition wrapper brought out the city's more dirty-minded designers and 15,000 people voted on the finalists.

The winning "power-on" logo was thought up by Luis Acosta, a designer from Queens.

Other entries in the condom contest were more suggestive. There was the image of a manhole. Another wrapper featured a subway train plunging into a dark tunnel.

Man I'd be pissed if I'd entered that contest and actually created something, then Luis comes along and wins with something he didn't even design. But that's the way life goes, you know? Constant disappointment and anger. Plus rage. Shit-ton of rage.

Official Condom Design: New York's New Sex Symbol [npr]

Thanks to Andrea, who came up with a really cool design of two skyscrapers making buttlove but didn't win because apparently all the really awesome designs were disqualified.

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