Picture Me Puking: A Digital Camera Flask

March 25, 2010


The $13 Bev-Cam may look like a crappy digital camera, but it's actually a 5oz flask for hiding booze. Get inside me you delicious megapixels, make me warm!

Heading out for a night of clubbing? Tired of paying over inflated prices for watered down weak drinks? We have the perfect clubbing accessory for you...... The "Bev-Cam" camera flask.

The perfect gift flask for any college student, clubber or party goer on your list.

The company also sells a 3oz Bev-Burry flask (Blackberry lookalike, $11) and a 16oz Binocular Flask ($17). I bought all three for a total of 24 ounces of discreet boozing. And that doesn't even include the 32oz I've already hidden in my liver. Or the condom full of ecstasy in my butt. Which, uh-oh, I think has sprung a leak. Group hug!

Hit the jump for shots of the phone and binocular models.



Product Site (Binocktails)
If you need to hide booze in a camera, you might have a problem [dvice]

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